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When I think of Paris, my first associations are wine, cheese, Eiffel Tower, French, romance, bridges…not Yoga. However, one of the more extensive yoga festivals I’ve seen is happening in Paris this weekend, Friday, 19 October – Sunday 21 October 2012 at Le CentQuatre.

Le CentQuatre (le 104) is a diverse cultural center which opened its doors in 2008 to the research & innovation of all artistic disciplines. Built just before the turn of the century in 1873, this 39,000 square meter (41,9793 square feet) served as the city’s funeral home. It was eventually closed  & a €100 million redevelopment project began in 2001. It has 104 different performance & studio spaces & has housed everything from haute couture fashion shows to concerts & art openings. This vast, complex space alone is worth visiting.

Yoga Festival Paris will be the first major yoga conference in Paris, with an ambitious repertoire of classes, demonstrations & concerts for all ages & all levels. If you have been curious about different approaches to yoga, or are looking for international master instructors, attendance is well worth it!

The event website is entirely in French. If this is daunting, use Google Chrome web browser to access the site, then simply right-click (control click) whilst on the page & translate the entire page into English in less than a second.

Yoga for Everyone – image from

There is a class for everyone: Prenatal taught by Sophie Colombié, respiratory & relaxation, meditation,  pilates taught by Eva Winskill, weight-loss taught by Julie Ferrez, a class specially entitled Stiff Man Yoga taught by Simon Pyrke… The list is extensive, with over 50 available classes. *Classes for children, ages 6-15 are free.*

Reservation is seriously encouraged for classes & concerts! General entry is €8 or €4 tarif reduit. €12 for 2-day entry & €15 for 3-day entry. Group classes & concerts are an additional ticket, & you can reserve one-on-one sessions for only €25/hour! This is very inexpensive for the quality of teacher experience. Ayurvedic, Shiatsu, Californian & Kalaripayat massages will also be available. There are also free demonstrations & classes & lectures available in the jardin des cours libres (free garden classes).

YOGA FESTIVAL PARIS is organized through the initiative of Health Yoga Journal.

CENTQUATRE 5 rue Curial, 75019 Paris / Métro: Riquet, Crimée (line 7)Stalingrad (lines 2, 5 et 7), Marx-Dormoy (line 12)

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