Get out the Vote!

Get Out the Vote!

Calling all US Citizens in Paris & beyond! You may be enjoying the good life in France, but wake up: 

Your country needs you.

If you aren’t already registered to vote, or don’t know how to do it from France, the Union of Overseas Voters is here to help. It’s really easy, & they’ve even organized voter registration days at Shakespeare & Co. the 1st & 3rd Saturday of every month. You have a couple of months left before the big election on November 6th.

Union of Overseas Voters is Nonpartisan. Mainstream US politics all fall to the right of French politics, especially with newly elected François Holland leading the socialists. Regardless of whether you lean to the left or the right, the Union of Overseas Voters provides unbiased assistance. Visit We Vote for more information on voter registration & absentee voting. 

For those interested in voting for British expats, check out this informative blog: Votes for Expat Brits blog. Please pass this posting to any of your US Expat friends!


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