Reason It’s a Good Time to Go to Paris

Ah, Paris! A city steeped in so much culture & beauty, it’s not as though you really need an excuse to go. Yet, if for whatever reason, the prospect of La Tour Eiffel or the Notre-Dame de Paris is not enough to get your packing your bags this instant, there are yet more reasons where foreign exchange is concerned. 

The euro is having a tough time at the moment, with Greece & Spain & all kinds of other countries needing rescuing. However, if you’re an expat in the mood for a Parisian adventure, it’s all to the good. So let’s take a look at some exchange rate reasons to go to Paris, & whet your appetite!

1. The euro has gone so far south, if it were a country, it’d (quite confusingly) be Australia.

If you’re thinking of jetting over to Paris from the States, it is indeed your lucky day. The US dollar is right now close to its highest rate against the common currency since July 2010. When you cash in your greenbacks, you’ll get a wallet considerably more stuffed to the gills with euros. That means shelling out for a romantic place with will set you back a lot less than if you’d gone any other time in the last 24 months.

As for the Brits, it’s a similar story: Her Majesty’s pound is close to (if not quite at) its highest peak against the euro since 2008 during the dark depths of the financial crisis. Isn’t that good news? Why aren’t you booking your flight to Paris yet!? Go. Do it now.

2. Like Brighton beach in a rising tide, the euro is going to keep losing ground.

The Eurozone’s loss is your gain. As the debt crisis drags on & on, much like some sinister Duracell bunny, we can expect the euro to keep falling back against the pound & euro. So, okay, maybe you’re sure Paris is for you, but you don’t want to buy euros right this minute. Not a problem, because, though it’s not written in stone, there’s a middling-to-high-chance that, when you do decide to stuff your pockets with common currency, the rate will be on your side.

3. So what should you keep in mind when you want to buy euros?

Your best bet is to keep an eye on the rate. Not literally, you understand, first because that would be painful for you, & second because the exchange rate is a numerical abstraction. No, instead, enter ‘GBP EUR’ or ‘USD EUR’ into Google every now & then. The search engine gods will return unto you the latest exchange rate, meaning you’ll know with dead certainty whether it’s up or down since you last looked. In other words, no more chancing the rate!

Post by contributor Peter Lavelle, Pure FX – 

Get in touch: To find out more about buying euros when you go to Paris, contact us at foreign exchange specialist Pure FX. We’d be delighted to help with your enquiry.



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