Paris Food Prices

Coffee is one of the first things associated with French café culture. It is still possible to find a typical French café: un express or un café expresso (espresso) for €1,50 ~ $1.90* in less touristy quartiers, but most start around €2,50 ~ $3.20. A café crème, latté or  cappuccino  will easily cost you upwards of €4,60 ~ $6.00. If you are an addict of that famous chain from the USA that starts with S…ends with *ucks, there are over 50 locations across Paris.

photo from Le Buci, 52, rue Dauphine 75006

Below is the Café Menu from Le Buci – Café – Bar – Brasserie. This is a great venue that has free WIFI & offers breakfast, lunch, dinner, cocktails & an excellent vantage point at the intersection of rue Dauphine, rue Mezarine & rue du Buci, in the heart of St. Germain-des-Prés.

Café Expresso 2,50 
Café Décaféiné 2,50
Double Express 4,50
Café Crème 4,50
Cappucino 5,00
Chocolat 4,50
Café ou Chocolat Viennois 5,00

Grocery prices: This is a general guide of starting prices in Paris. You may be surprised at how decent a cheap bottle of wine can be- & how decent you will still feel the next morning. Discover by trial & error! The French are known for their fresh food markets & butchers. The best (& cheapest) roast chicken I’ve ever had has been from the local butcher’s rotisserie. Ranging from €7-12, depending on the size of the chicken.

Most chain grocers offer livraison (delivery), regardless on what floor you live! Delivery runs around €8, with a 2-3 hour delay. It may also be free if you spend over €50. This is especially helpful for a big shop or people with kids.

Baguette – €1,20-2,10 ~ ($1.60-2.80)
Bananas – €2,50/Kg ~ ($1.50/lb)
Beef Rumsteak – €23,50/Kg ~ ($14.00/lb)
Butter – €5,50/Kg ~ ($3.28/lb)
Cheese – supermarket pre-packaged  from €5,40/Kg ~ ($3.20/lb)
Cheese – deli fresh, from €13/Kg ~ ($7.80/lb)
Chicken – €6,85/Kg (whole chicken about 1.3Kg ~ 2.87lbs) ~ ($4.00/lb)
Eggs – €1,80/6 eggs ~ ($2.38/6 eggs)
Lettuce – €1,30 ~ ($1.70)
Milk (fresh) – €1,20/Liter ~ ($0.40/gal)
Oranges – €2,50/Kg ~ ($1.50/lb)
Onions – €1,50/Kg ~ ($0.90/lb)
Potatoes – €1,00/Kg ~ ($0.60/lb)
Pork Roast – €10,40/Kg ~ ($6.20/lb)
Red wine – Starts ~ €3,50/bottle ~ ($4.65/bottle)

At €4,60, this is a nice, cheap Bordeaux we like...Ask your local wine shop & discover a treasure trove of suggestions!


Brasserie/Bistrot/Restaurant prices: Most mid-range establishments will offer a menu prix fixe or formule (fixed price menus). A menu in English is actually la carte in French. A menu usually consists of entrée + plat, entrée + plat + dessert (appetizer + main + dessert), sometimes with the option of apératif, glass of wine or café. Formule tends to be used by fast food/casual restaurants, ranging from about €5,50-€9,50.

Menus range from about €15-40 for your good value to decent quality brasseries/restaurants. The menu by far your best values. Expect double for special events like Valentine’s Day. Wine is usually à la carte. Below are a few we have tried:

Bistro du 17ème €42 apératif, entrée, plat, dessert, café, 1 bottle of wine for 2 ~ 108 Ave. de Villiers, 17th (& 3 other locations in the 7th, 16th & 17th)
Le Vagenende Brasserie €32 entrée, plat, dessert ~ 142 Blvd. St. Germain, 6th
Mères et Filles €12-15 lunch menus ~ 8 rue Saint Paul, 4th 
Pied du Cochon €27-53 entrée, plat, menu enfant €7,90 ~ 6 rue Cocquillière, 1st
 Good restaurant/bistrot search sites: La Fourchette,

 Bio (Organic) grocers, markets & restaurants are widely available in Paris. Like anywhere, be prepared to pay a bit more.

Naturalia 11 Rue Montorgueil, 1st / 11 Rue Renard, 4th / 59 Rue St Antoine, 4th/ 36 Rue Monge, 5th / 38 Avenue La Motte Picquet, 7th / 33 Rue Roquette, 11th / 37 Rue Poteau, 18th, …
Bio c’Bon 9 Place Pigalle 18th / 24 Rue Lecourbe, 15th
Bio Coop  153 Rue Legendre, 17th
Namo Bio 15 Rue de la Réunion, 20th
Paris Bio 179, rue Saint Denis, 2nd / 50, rue des Plantes, 14th 

For a list of Bio Marchés in Paris, click here.

Fresh food markets (les marchés en plein air/marchés alimentaires) offer competitive prices. They are a sensory tantalizing experience that could become your preferred way to shop in Paris. Sometimes you can haggle a good deal towards market closings. Here’s a full list by arrondissement, from the Mairie de Paris.

Wine is considered a food in France, a necessity. This is why it is so scantily taxed. Your localbrasserie may offer a glass starting around €3,50 ~ $4.50. Touristy & trendy areas may start closer to €5,00/glass ~ $6.50. Beer lovers are not as lucky. An English pint can cost €12 ~ $15.80 at popular bars & restaurants. €2,50 ~ $3.25 for un demi (50cl) is a steal. Average is about €4-5 ~ $5.50-6.50, or around €8 ~ $10.50 for a full pint.

*USD$ conversion rate may vary.


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  2. michelle says:

    i cant find food prices

  3. Ron Cummings says:

    This is what I was looking for. My family and I are going to be living in the north Paris ‘burbs’ and will be doing most of our eating at our rental. Any suggestions?

    • ParisExpat says:

      Hi Ron- I was just cleaning out spam mail & ran across your message! (oh no!) A response may be totally irrelevant at this point! Did you & your family move to the Parisian banlieu? If you still have any questions, please let us know – or you can email me directly at

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