Boulogne – Spacious Studio

This spacious studio in Boulogne is technically outside of Paris, but you’d never know it. With access to central Paris via Métro lines 9 & 10, nearly everywhere can be reached within half an hour. It has all the charm of Paris, with a marché alimentaire (fresh food market) literally across the street. Take a look at this video from one of several nearby boulangeries that made my mouth water.

Boulogne-Billancourt, as it is officially named, is among the wealthiest parisian suburbs,located just west of the périphérique. The river Seine makes its first peninsula-like bend around Boulogne, wedging it in between Paris, Saint-Cloud & the Bois de Boulogne. 

Marché Billancourt

Just west of Boulogne is Parc de Saint-Cloud, a 460 acre park featuring several traditional French gardens, as well as a wooded area. It is home to the Château de Saint-Cloud. North of the studio is the Bois de Boulogne, which also flanks the west side of the 16th arrondissement in Paris.

For more local info, visit the following (and remember

Les Passages shopping center Starbucks inside!

GoogleChrome does a great job of translating entire web pages, should you need it!): Le Blog de BoulogneFrench Classes in Boulogne, Office of Tourism, Piscine Boulogne (Swimming Center)Local Créateurs, Shopping

Métro: Line 9, Marcel Sembat, Line 10, Boulogne-Jean Jaurès – Bus Lines: 175, 123, 126 – Night Bus: 12

Photos: l’, Gérard Sebatier

This studio is no longer available. If you’re interested in the Boulogne area, check out this property: Marcel Sembat- Boulogne- Rue Georges Sorel 

Marcel-Sembat, 2 bedroom apartment €1500/month

Marcel-Sembat, 2 bedroom apartment €1500/month



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