To Die for Desserts

22, rue Crespin du Gaste 75011 Tél:

Rachel’s Cakes Even the French are obsessed with this bombshell of a cake business! Half the restaurants in the Marais order their desserts from this local delight.

This international trio of ladies started baking in an apartment with at least four ovens & refrigerators spilling into the living room. To say that they have nearly quadrupled their business would be an understatement. Every time I pay them a visit, they are looking to hire either baking assistants or delivery drivers! 

Rachel’s is famous for their American style carrot cake & a variety of inviting cheesecakes (over 15 flavors) pistachio, lemon, raspberry, among others – traditional Philadelphia brand, homemade cheesecakes, the kind you need a knife to slice. Don’t get me wrong, I love French pastries & chocolate mousse just like everybody else, but eating that tasty bite of cheesecake goes beyond feeding the nostalgia of my American birthplace- & never fear, Rachel still does chocolate fondant & other French staples. If you are homesick at Thanksgiving for Pumpkin Pie, put in your order now.

Don’t stop at the cheesecakes either! She creates amazing cookies, crumbles, cup cakes, brownies, tarts, & other sweet & savoury eats. Is your mouth-watering yet? Mine is, & when you consider the size of a whole cheesecake, it makes a perfectly affordable finale to any dinner party. While most of their business is catering to local restaurants, you can still place individual orders. Occasionally, I will order one for myself & freeze half of it. Both the cheesecake & the carrot cake freeze well & make a great personal dessert when I need to treat myself.

You can find Rachel’s delights at places such as HAND (Have a Nice Day Cafe) off Richelieu between the Louvre & Opéra, or the Pink Flamingo in the Marais. Word of mouth has spread like wildfire & as demand continues, they may just have to expand again. Maybe this time we can convince them to add a café-salon, so we can come sample by the slice.


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