Your $$$ and Utilities

We complain about the price of fuel in North America, but the Europeans pay much more for their smaller living spaces! EDF -Électricité de France- is government-owned & the only electricity company in France. Over 70% of France’s energy usage is nuclear. Visit their website for ‘prix’ (prices).

The electricity is measured & billed every two months. When you are visiting an apartment, always ask whether or not the heat is included (comprise) as part of the owner’s building fees, or if you are responsible. Here’s what a client with electric radiators paid for a cold November-December 2010 for this 120m2 (~1300ft2) Parisian apartment: €342.15 Alternatively, September-October 2010 was only €142.21.

If you are responsible for electricity charges through colder months, ask the agency or your landlord for last year’s winter bill to get an idea of what you’ll be paying in addition to your rent. Then you can decide whether or not you can really afford that giant luxury flat!


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